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Whirlpool gas hob: 4 gas burners – GMA 7414/IXL


4x gas burners
Flame Safety
Ignition System

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Whirlpool Built-In 75cm Stainless Steel Gas Hob comes with flame failure safety. The supplied gas is immediately cut-off if the flame has accidentally died.
No one wants to spend unnecessary time cleaning their kitchen appliances. This hob has iXelium Nanotechnology coated Stainless Steel. This treatment makes this hob resistant to scratches and yellowing over time. It is easy to clean by just using water. To put your mind at ease.
With a push and a turn of a button this hob lights right up, ready for you to use. Using this hob is easy as the buttons are featured right in the front for easy access.


iXelium Cooking Surface : The iXelium treatment is highly resistant to scratches and yellowing over time. To clean simply use water.
Width: 680
Depth of the product500
Height of the product11
Net weight (kg)9
Energy input: LP Gas
Niche depth: 480
Maximum niche width: 560


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